DB to RDF transformation for the semantic web

Author: Martin İvihla, martin (at) svihla (dot) net
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METAmorphoses processor


MMPHP (stands for 'METAmorphoses for PHP') is PHP tool for flexible and easy-to-use generation of RDF metadata directly from a relational database. Metadata are genereated according to the mapping from an existing database schema to a particular ontology.

There is a lot of dynamically generated (X)HTML websites backed with a relational database. METAmorphoses are developed for an easy annotation of existing websites with RDF metadata while RDF annotation uses the same data source as classical HTML presentation. Our goal is to make the development of an RDF presentation as easy as development of HTML website.

MMPHP contains all you need for enriching your web by RDF:



METAmorphoses mapping and data trasformation cover:



Documentation and Examples

The documentation and sample are included in the release.


The project is being developed under Lesser GPL licence.

This is the short clarification of the licence:
METAmorphoses is Free Software. The LGPL license is sufficiently flexible to allow the use of METAmorphoses in both open source and commercial projects. Using METAmorphoses (by importing METAmorphoses's public interfaces in your Java code), and extending METAmorphoses (by subclassing) are considered by the authors of METAmorphoses to be dynamic linking. Hence our interpretation of the LGPL is that the use of the unmodified METAmorphoses source or binary, or the rebundling of unmodified METAmorphoses classes into your program's .jar file, does not affect the license of your application code.
If you modify METAmorphoses and redistribute your modifications, the LGPL applies.